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Flat Earth Psyop

#FlatEarth - Flat Earth is a Psychological Operation started to discredit the existence of space (which is ridiculous). Yea, some of these FE's believe space is not real, satellites are fake, and all the money has been wasted, (they won't say what the $$$ was spent on). You see the Psyop works perfectly then because It distracts you from a huge cover up. You see the tax dollars have been wasted. Why don't the Flat Earthers tell you what it's been wasted on? Oh because, according to them, none of this is real. However, they refuse to acknowledge that the D.o.D. spends trillions of dollars a year on so called: Black Budget Programs,   which are classified to the public. A large amount of this goes into military-industrial contracts given to corporations who specialize in space technology. A lot of them also specialize in advanced weaponry and.... war!!! In the early 1980's Reagan started a program called SDI (Strate
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SAIC - New World Order

 "The Manhattan Project for Counter-Terrorism" Many horrible things have happened as the result of 9/11 . The war in Iraq / Afghanistan, patriot act, airport security, first responder cancer issues, (so called) isis, and the list goes on and on.  Let's talk about the changes in  SURVEILLANCE  caused by the big LIE known as 9/11. VIDEO: 2 MIN. Total Information Awareness Basically the TIA is a database. However the term "database" really refers to a new kind of HUGE, omni-media, centralized, and controlled information repository.  This so called "database" is not constrained by today's limited commercial database products. DARPA (and many others) use various technologies to architect, populate, and exploit this "database" for combating terrorism in America.  Companies that were contracted to work on TIA included...    Science Applications International Corporation ,   Booz Allen Hamilton ,   Lockheed Martin Corporation ,   Sch

9/11 - Ghost Gun UA-175

Ghost Gun UA175 Holograms, Whistleblowers and the 9/11 Media Hoax Revised 9/11/2005 |  Updates @ bottom | w/radio show Re-posted 4/28/2018 With minor edits and adjustments made by:  Wolf Clan Media I do no agree with the conclusion of "pre-planted explosives" creating the airplane shaped holes in the Twin Towers.  I strongly feel this was done using un-conventional technology. See my article on this ---> Most 9/11 (no-plane) researchers promote falsehoods about the video & photographic evidence from that day. Some highlights of research from 2005 which makes some very great observations and helps to prove that an object was in the sky on 9/11.  Many links are now broken :( Unfortunately, the UA175 illusion (WTC2, morning of 9-11-1) was not 100% successful.   Foreword (by Dr. Stefan Grossmann): I have been asked to describe what the name ‘Ghost Gun’ (as used i